justasec.XYZ is a new media art series by Benton C Bainbridge

justasec.XYZ 1 (detail) justasec.XYZ 1 is dedicated to Yong Hur, New Media Artist

justasec.XYZ 2 (detail) justasec.XYZ 2 is dedicated to Tom Swirly, Poetic Mathematician

justasec.XYZ 3 (detail) justasec.XYZ 3 "Remember that imagination is the quality that allows one to see things and people in their real as in their ideal relations." - Oscar Wilde

justasec.XYZ 4 (detail) justasec.XYZ 4 is dedicated to Luke Schantz, Creative Engineer

justasec.XYZ 5 (detail) justasec.XYZ 5 is dedicated to Jeff Carpenter, Painter and Co-Creator of the lenticular print that this series is based upon:
Just a Sec by Benton C Bainbridge and Jeff Carpenter (detail)

Assistant to Mr. Bainbridge: Yong Hur
thanks: Tom Swirly, Luke Schantz, Derek Kwan, Margaret Schedel, Sam Cassatt

The works in this series are for sale. These works may currently be shared for educational purposes; once rights have transfered to collectors, usage terms are solely at the collectors' discretion. justasec.XYZ builds upon the programming work of Mr. Doob and the three.js community. If you want to remix these works, please contact Benton C Bainbridge. Go here for WebGL help.

Most rights sharable. Just e-mail me and ask. Learn more at konomark.org